What is MUN?


MUN (Model United Nations) - an engaging educational activity that mirrors the United Nations. In MUN, participants assume the roles of diplomats representing different countries. Through lively debates, delegates tackle global issues while learning essential skills like diplomacy, negotiation, public speaking, critical thinking, and research.

What is MESSA?

MESSA - a cutting-edge online platform designed to enhance your MUN experience. Whether you're a seasoned MUN delegate or just starting your journey in the world of international diplomacy, MESSA is your one-stop destination for comprehensive MUN learning and practice. Our platform offers three types of exercises to cater to different aspects of MUN participation: answering points of information, asking points of information, and training speeches.

Who am I?


MUN passionate


Computer science student with many completed projects


Enthusiastic programmer

When I was beginning my journey with MUNs I've noticed lack of any learning platforms and that's how MESSA was created.


Our partner

MUNprep provides top-tier learning resources. Discover new vocabulary, get to know MUN in depth and arm yourself with the comprehensive knowledge useful in MESSA's exercises.
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